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Grant D. Koeneke

The Seven Saga: Transcendence
What would you do if you woke up and decided to look out at the dawning morning only to see yourself still lying in bed?  What would you do if your 21st birthday was the last time you would ever age? What would you do if you were being chased by the NSA?  How would you feel if you were hunted by a creature that could take any form it wished?


"I’ve been sitting in a concrete, steel reinforced room with three two-way mirrors and a twelve inch thick titanium door since the turn of the Millennium.  My prison has 238 digital micro cameras that let my keepers watch and record every single movement I make.  Well, every movement the cameras are able to see and record.  Truth be told, the normal human eye has no chance of every catching my every movement.

You see, there is an unbelievable world under the everyday façade that you wander around in.  I exist in this world you are oblivious to.  Not that the world you are living in now isn’t the real world.  By all means, it is.  Your world is the only reason I exist in mine. "

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The Seven Saga: Descending Darkness
Something different is lurking in the shadows, hiding itself from being known.  He watches and waits, plotting his every calculated move to interrupt events that will try to destroy Michael from every finding out his true nature.


Baal was standing over the top of a cowering Colin in the corner of the room. Both men were looking at Matt and Michael appearing out of nowhere with surprised looks on their faces. Baal’s, no doubt, was due to the fact they had figured out his plan. Colin’s was shock of two people appearing out of thin air.

Rage was burning so deeply inside of Michael he could feel it spreading throughout his body. Coursing through every vein was a burning sensation that made its way to his face and into his eyes. Even with the lights in the room, his eyes were glowing so brightly it was casting shadows on the back wall.

“Matt, get Colin out of here,” without even turning his head. “Baal, I warned you what would happen,” he lifted his arm and closed his hand into a tight balled up fist.

Crunching of bones and screams of pain came from Baal as his legs caved in and gave way dropping him to the ground. Trying to raise his hand toward Michael, his arm collapsed as bone stuck out of his skin. Baal’s screams of pain were echoing throughout the floor, but Michael could not hear a thing blinded by his intense rage.

Matt was standing behind Michael with Colin behind him. Never before had Matt seen Michael display so much anger toward any human being in the entire time he had known him. Watching Baal writhing in pain seemed to be giving him pleasure which, like anyone, made him worry for Michael’s well being.

“Michael,” placing his hand on Michael’s shoulder, “you have to stop.” His voice was calm and soothing hoping to provoke a relaxing emotion from Michael. “This is not you, mate. You don’t cause pain,” he said with pity in his voice.

The Seven Saga: Tranquil Chaos

Doctor Gabriel Stenson is helpless as his family members are dying off at an alarming rate.  The cops think he has finally lost his mind just like his mentor, but are they accidents or has he truly lost his mind?